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15-Kilo Weight Loss | POPSUGAR Fitness Australia

Take Sophie Austin, who got comfortable in a new relationship and ended up gaining over 18 kilos in less than two years.Since she'd had success with the BBG program in the past, she started that up again.

Smilf TV Show Cast | POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia

Stan's new TV show SMILF
— which, to be clear, stands for Single Mum I'd Like to F*ck — is one that's going to go far.While the storyline itself is refreshing and captivating, it's the A+ cast that also drew us in quick-smart.

Matching Family Tattoos | POPSUGAR Australia Love & Sex

For families who really want to prove their strong ties, there's no better way to do so than sharing a permanent emblem for the rest of your lives.We've searched through Instagram for matching tattoo ideas for family members and found plenty of creative options from small and simple to big and symbolic.

Ikea Wardrobe | POPSUGAR Home Australia

Like any online editor would do, I took my quest to Pinterest where I discovered the answer to my problem: Ikea's Pax Wardrobe System.The interior organising possibilities are seemingly endless, it was in stock at my local Ikea, and it was an option we could actually afford.

Ikea Dresser Hacks | POPSUGAR Home Australia

Geometric Cutouts

With it's cheery yellow hue and bold geometric wood overlays, this simple Ikea piece was turned into a real showstopper.2 / 8

Leather Upgrades

This dresser was elevated from plain to chic with the addition of leather drawer pulls.

Party Hacks With Ice | POPSUGAR Home Australia

We got our DIY on and tried out six different frozen party hacks we know your going to love.What You'll Need:

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sevak Babakhani

Stock up on lots of different kinds of ice moulds.

Love Actually GIFs | POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia

When it comes to holiday movies, there's nothing quite like Love Actually, which manages to both fill your heart and break it with all the funny, complicated and adorable love stories.The film came out in 2003, and just 12 years after its release, it's already considered a classic.

What Is Facial Yoga | POPSUGAR Beauty Australia

Fast-forward through an entire internet binge later, we're here to tell you that dedicated workouts for your skin do exist.From facial yoga, to "Facerobics", to simple face massages, these exercises might not get you sweaty, but they will "work" your skin.

Weddings With Kids | POPSUGAR Australia Parenting

If you're attending a wedding with your kids, here's what you really need to know before you hit the ceremony.Be prepared to impose boundaries (and remember: it's the bride's and groom's day, not your kids').

Best Luxury Candles | POPSUGAR Beauty Australia

Unless you're rolling in it, or you've got yourself some friends in high (candled) places, you most likely approach your luxury candles in the same way you do any other part of your apartment's precious decor ecosystem.However, unlike your coffee table books or that antique mirror you once sold you soul for, luxury candles are, literally, designed to be burnt.

Calories in Different Wines | POPSUGAR Fitness Australia

Why worry about the calories in wine because heck, it's good for me, right?Plus as far as happy hour goes, wine is one of the most waist-friendly drinks you can choose, unlike other happy hour bevvies, which can contain a ridiculous amount of calories.

Best Chick Flick Movies | POPSUGAR Celebrity Australia


Ever After

You've totally googled the guy who plays Prince Henry to see what he's been up to since 1998.4 / 45


Love Actually

You will (or already did) have a "spontaneous" performance of "All You Need Is Love" in the middle of your wedding ceremony.